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You know when you meet someone and imagine what their future husband will be like, and then meet their future husband and he's everything you would have picked out and more and you're humbled because a match like this could only be made in Heaven? This is Cecil and Claire and in honor of their wedding this weekend, we had to share their dreamy engagement pictures from Central Park! When Claire, an Alabama girl, met Cecil, a Texas boy, through friends at Redeemer Church in New York City, it wasn't long until these two love birds were making plans to get hitched! These two could quite possibly be the most hilarious, fun, New York couple we have had the opportunity to serve (and not to mention they come from some GREAT families). Claire and Cecil will tie the knot back home in Alabama in the Historic Chapel at American Village and spend their first few hours of newlywed bliss dancing the night away in Liberty Hall. A perfect scene for such a stately pair.  | Photography: Cali Helsper Photography |